The 7 advantages for banks and credit institutions of collaborating directly with partners

Sean Cole, Commercial Director of Good Finance, and with more than 20 years of experience in senior positions in the comparators and digital markets sector, shares the 7 main advantages that exist for banks and credit institutions to the Time to work with partners directly.

1.Access to a filtered customer network.

1.Access to a filtered customer network.

When dealing with partners directly, banks and credit institutions can more agilely report the type of customers that best adapt to each of their products, thus accessing a filtered customer network.

2. Receipt of feedback.

2. Receipt of feedback.

Banks and credit institutions can receive feedback on the different commercial actions they carry out through informal talks or specific reports with partners.

3. Development of brand recognition.

When a partner knows what the mission and vision of a brand is, it is capable of transmitting it correctly to the final customer and, as well as resorting to that brand in those discussion forums where it should be present.

4. Adaptation of promotional campaigns.

Collaborating with partners directly helps banks and other providers find specific solutions for each campaign and improve performance in future action plans.

5. Collaborate in product development.


If a bank or credit institution wants to try a new product in the market, comparators become the perfect tool to perform the test.

6. Specific account management.

Collaborating with partners directly means having the assistance of someone who understands the provider’s business and will always be there to help.

7. Assistance in achieving objectives.


If in a given period a supplier needs an extra push to fulfill an objective, having a partner can make the difference between achieving it or not.

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